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The reason why solid wood furniture customization is popular among the public

1. Natural color

From the color analysis, solid wood furniture is not only natural, but also free of chemical pollution. This is undoubtedly the best choice for modern healthy life, and it meets the psychological needs of modern cities for advocating nature.

2. Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly

Environmentally-friendly decoration solid wood furniture is the protagonist of the market. The solid wood itself does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. The amount of glue used in the production of solid wood furniture is very small, and the amount of glue used affects the content of harmful substances in the furniture; solid wood furniture is compared with those of wooden panel furniture during the processing and production process , The amount of glue used is quite small, so the environmental protection is relatively high.

3. Solid wood furniture is more durable

In the choice of wood, taking domestic solid wood furniture as an example, everyone is more in love with: red oak, catalpa wood, ash, cherry wood, teak, maple, pine, cedar, etc....... Solid wood furniture is more than board type The furniture is more load-bearing and can be painted repeatedly. The service life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times that of panel furniture.

4. The wood grain of solid wood is more beautiful

The beauty of solid wood lies in its wooden texture. No piece of wood has the same grain. Moreover, solid wood is more plastic and can be carved with different carved flowers for decoration.

Customized solid wood furniture is becoming more and more popular. Why?

Solid wood custom furniture integrates the long history of traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion elements, integrates into the furniture design, gives the furniture new connotations, makes the furniture design more humane, practical, and modern, creating a new fashion for solid wood furniture, leading The new trend of furniture.

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